Ciência, ideologia, intervenção: a Intercompreensão para além das utopias

Autores: Capucho, M. F.

Año: 2010

Título de la Revista: "Synergies Europe"

Número de Volumen: 5



Editorial: Gerflint, Univ. de Franche Comté

Páginas: 101–113

Url: (23.12.2011)

Palabras Clave: Intercomprehension, plurilinguisme, intervention

As a theoretical concept, intercompreehension has known extensive developments during the past twenty years, allowing a solid scientific basis for the projects undertaken by many schools and international consortia. In addition to the epistemological specificities of their work, the various approaches inscribe themselves systematically in a field that we can designate as ideological, with a strong political relevance: the development of plurilingualism in Europe.