Lernerautonomie durch Interkomprehension: Projekte und Perspektiven / L'autonomisation de l'apprenant par l'intercompréhension: projets et perspectives / Promoting Lerner Autonomy through Intercompre

Autores: ANDRADE, A. I., PINHO, A. S. & SANTOS, L.

Título de la Contribución: Histórias em torno da intercompreensão: trajectórias de desenvolvimento para a autonomia

Año: 2010

Coordinadores: Doyé, P. & Meissner, F.-J.

Ciudad: Tübingen

Editorial: Gunter Narr


Páginas: 173-192


Palabras Clave: definição de intercompreensão, autonomia, didáctica do plurilinguismo, formação de professores, estudo empírico

In this chapter, we present the results of two didactic projects whose design took the concept of intercomprehension as an epistemological and methodological organiser. The projects were developed in different contexts: one in Secondary school, and the other in initial language teacher education. The aim of the present study is to analyse the potential of the learning paths developed within those projects to the education (i) of language students to become more capable of delineating own linguistic and communicative trajectories, and (ii) of more autonomous future language teachers, capable of developing more theory and context-based didactic knowledge. Our argument is that intercomprehension as process and didactic approach has formative potentialities to the development of teaching and learning processes that enhance both learners and teachers’ autonomies, particularly in view of the challenges of education in languages and the professional development in societies in which the linguistic plurality is recurrently reconstructed in the individuals’ identities.