Information Society and Education: Monitoring a Revolution. Proceedings of ICTE2002

Autores: Araújo e Sá, M. H. & Melo, S.

Título de la Contribución: Internet and plurilingual learning – chats in the development of intercomprehension in romances languages.

Año: 2002

Coordinadores: Méndez Vilas, A., Mesa González, J. A. & Zaldívar, M. I.

Ciudad: Badajoz

Editorial: Junta de Extremadura, Consejería de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología


Páginas: 1499-1503


Palabras Clave: estudo empírico, noção de intercompreensão, chats, intercompreensão em línguas românicas, didáctica da intercompreensão

Based on the written record of the interactions between the individuals that participated in an experimental chat session in several Romance Languages, a module was created to be integrated in the self-learning space of the Galanet website. This module is constituted by three sub-modules: the first one refers to the specificities of the communication context in chats; the second one is directed to the interactional strategies mobilized by the speakers; the third, a synthesis, refers to the profile of the plurilingual speaker, capable of getting involved in the situations described previously. In this paper, it is presented the theoretic, pragmatic and organizing presuppositions of the referred module, as well as its activities. It is intended to stimulate and increase the contact opportunities between speakers of different Romance Languages (RL) in Galanet, and to exploit the didactic and methodological potential of this kind of experience in the development of intercomprehension between speakers of Neighbouring Languages.