The survey below is related to pedagogical actions in the domain of intercomprehension. On behalf of teams that work within the framework of the European Network for Intercomprehension, we wish to thank you for answering the following questions for each of your different educational actions aimed at Intercomprehension. It will allow us to construct a database of trainings in Intercomprehension used throughout the world.

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1. Place of pedagogical action
2. Type(s) of institution (or body) where the pedagogical action took place
One or several answers possible.

3. Target participants
One or several answers possible.

4. Figures concerning participants
Select from the list.
5. Nature of the pedagogical action
Choose one of the categories below and specify a sub-category or sub-categories.

6. Format
hr(s) face to face learning
hr(s) distance work supervised by a tutor who can intervene online
hr(s) autonomous work (non-supervised, except during the face to face learning sessions)

7. Duration of the action
Mark one of both categories below.

If several one-off actions (conference research/training) took place, please complete a questionnaire for each action.
from to

  • When did it take place the first time ? And in what year(s) was the action repeated?
  • in

    If an action has been repeated the same year, choose the same answer twice.

    8. Type of action
    Only one option by category is possible.
    Type of course:

    The action took place:

    9. Aim, objectives and general procedures of the pedagogical action
    Use this space to make a brief description.
    10. Target languages
    11. Linguistic competences
    One or several answers possible.

    12. Materials, tools, website(s) used
    One or several answers possible.

    Tools used from projects:

    Other project:
    13. Credits/Grading for participants
    One or several answers possible.

    14. Method(s) of assessment of participants
    More than one answer possible.

    15. Method(s) of evaluation of action
    16. Reference of action
    17. Results/Impact of action
    Use this space as you wish to indicate if this initiative has generated other activities.
    18. Contact person(s)

    Person who implemented the action
    If several persons implemented the action, you can add a field by clicking above.

    Person who planned/designed the action, if this person is different of the previous one(s)
    If several persons planned/designed the action, you can add a field by clicking above.

    Person who completed this questionnaire, if different of the (first) person who implemented the action

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